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Inspire your students to love learning as much as you do.



Make a difference, ten minutes at a time. Join our team of dynamic, professional instructors and enrich your students’ lives, broaden their perspective, and create career opportunities.

What You Need
  • A fast, reliable internet connection

  • Average computer skills

  • Strong written and verbal English communication skills

  • A neutral American accent

  • Patience, punctuality, and attention to detail

What You Don't
  • Teaching experience

  • Knowledge of Korean

Job Responsibilities

English Conversation Partner
  • Providing quality English education to ESL students by working with each student's unique expectations and areas of interest.

  • Teaches 10- to 20-minute classes with students every day by free-talking or using the textbooks provided.

  • Writes daily reports on class details, things the student did well, and things the student may wish to review.

  • May be required to write monthly evaluations on student progress.

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