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Our Mission

Your education. Your way.

All over the world, people feel pressured to learn English in order to have a competitive edge in primary and secondary schools, universities, and their professions.  As such, it is common for ESL students to start learning English at a young age.  However, too often, English education in many countries only cover reading and grammar, while speaking aspects are neglected.  Because of that, ESL students cannot continue to improve their English in order to become proficient.  

Realizing this limitation, ESL students seek out private English teachers to practice their conversation skills, but that is not often readily available or affordable, especially with American teachers from the U.S.  As such, they usually settle with studying with Filipino teachers or other non-native English speaking teachers.  The problem with this is that these teachers usually speak with heavy accents and possess a limited knowledge of the English language, which hinders students’ progress and instills bad habits.

Knowing these shortcomings, KWT Academy was created.  We know what is precisely needed to help our students learn effectively and successfully.  We partner with only native English speakers from the U.S. to help our students learn English.  We take pride in the work that we do and we are fully dedicated in helping our students succeed.  


Join now and learn from the best!  Thousands of students have already joined our program and see the difference.  

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